Job description                                                

Job TitlePeople AI Manager
ObjectiveTo enable AI solutions and people to work optimally together.
Main responsibilities

Provide an enterprise wide framework for the identification and development of (new) knowledge and skills that will be required within the organization.

Work closely with business leaders and HR to develop and acquire those new skills as well as de-learn obsolete skills.

Develop an enterprise communication (e.g. ‘universal language’) between the various AI solutions and people to avoid people having to change their communication with different AI solutions within the same enterprise.

Ensure that AI solutions and the enterprise’s Culture & Values align both ways).

Provide change management support to help people adapt effectively and efficiently to the new AI solutions (especially in terms of new behaviors required) ; as well provide input to the implementation and use of the AI solutions from a People perspective.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Change Management / Organizational Effectiveness experience

Ability to translate how AI solutions can change how people work (with each other as well as with the new AI solutions).

Knowledge of non-function specific AI solutions that can impact people across the enterprise

Cross cultural / global experience in dealing with people from various cultures, geographical regions and functions

Key Stakeholders


Internal Communication

External Learning Solution Providers

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