Job description

Job Title

Chief Organizational AI Officer (AI Executive)*

*this role can be supported by a “COAI Office”

ObjectiveTo ensure that the right strategy and resources are in place so the selection, implementation, integration and use of AI solutions provide a competitive advantage, in various future scenarios, for the overall enterprise.
Main responsibilities

Ensure board & executive level awareness & understanding of implications AI can on its’ customers/stakeholders, its’ mission, strategy and the organization and how work is organized.

Ability to obtain CEO support/sponsorship

Develop Organizational AI strategy

Ensure right capability and resources will be put in place to support development and implementation of the strategy

Ensure governance frameworks take into account AI

Knowledge and Skills Required

Knowledge and interest in AI

Solid understanding of organization, strategy and its key stakeholders (incl competitors)

Ability to engage and communicate with board and c-level

Ability to imagine current unrealistic future situations

Key Stakeholders

Board & Executive Committee Members

External consultants / networks

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