Job description                                                

Job TitleAI Enterprise Integration Manager
ObjectiveTo ensure the AI solutions are procured, implemented, integrated and optimized for the overall benefit of the enterprise.
Main responsibilities

Lead procurement of AI solutions, with specific aim to encourage business to develop technical tender (and so avoid single sourcing), consider longer term implications (to avoid system, data & price locks) and obtaining proprietary ownership on data (and custom specific algorithms).

Set standards for implementation (internally as well as restrictions and requirements towards AI solution vendors)

Lead (project) management implementation of AI solutions.

Lead activities to identify and manage opportunities (as well as risks) for optimization and integration of the various (likely silo-ed) AI solutions. Ensure that efforts to select, design, implement and use various AI solutions don’t sub-optimize the enterprise overall.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Procurement experience as well as strong knowledge of pricing mechanisms, procurement risks of AI solutions.

Project management experience

Cross domain AI understanding and ability to effectively engage with staff from various disciplines.

Key Stakeholders

IT & Technical AI – for technical implementation

AI business Partners


External implementation and integration consultants

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