Job description                                                

Job TitleAI Compliance Manager
ObjectiveTo ensure the use of AI solutions comply with relevant laws and regulations, professional and ethical standards as well as internal enterprise wide compliance standards.
Main responsibilities

Identify risks that (both correct and incorrect) use of an AI solution could bring to the organisation

Ensure that compliance risks for the correct use of the AI solution are s primarily mitigated by the AI solution provider

Design and implement controls to protect an organisation from identified risks resulting

Monitor and report on the effectiveness of those controls

Resolve compliance issues as they occur

Advise the business on policies and controls that should be put in place

Approve content for external engagements on AI solutions

Anticipate, and influence, future relevant regulations

Knowledge and Skills Required

Strong knowledge of relevant laws (primarily relating to labour laws, data privacy and protection regulations, and commercial law) and preferably experience as in-house counsel.Sufficient technical understanding to be able to dive deep into the details, with support from AI Business Partners and Technical AI, and identify and manage compliance issues and controls

Experienced in managing external legal related relationships as this role may be dealing with high impact external stakeholders, such as lawmakers, auditors, jury and judges.

Ability to explain highly technical compliance issues and controls in the language of the respective audience (internal or external).

Key Stakeholders

Legal Counsel (in-house and external)

Internal Enterprise Compliance department

Legal Counsel of AI Solution providers

External Communications Department

Regulators, and possibly judges and juries

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