While interest in AI is significantly increasing it is difficult for many companies to start exploring AI further. There is no common framework on how to approach it nor is there a single point of entry where they can find potential solutions for their business needs. Companies don’t want to waste their time and resources and need a simple but effective platform that helps them explore what Artificial Intelligence can offer.  A newly launched platform, called “Organizational AI” can help them.

Organizational AI enables any organization or company to explore AI on its own, using its own staff. The platform provides:

  • guidance to and examples of what capabilities the organization should create,
  • examples of easily amendable role descriptions that can be used to assist the assignment of interested staff,
  • access to a growing database of available AI Solutions – filterable and sortable by function or by industry,
  • links to quality insight sources covering AI,
  • and more to come.

Organizational AI looks at the business needs from two perspectives. Firstly, from an organizational perspective on the kinds of capability and roles needed for the organization to successfully explore and use Artificial Intelligence. This is mainly about finding, implementing, enabling and ensuring compliance of AI Solutions. Secondly, it addresses the guidance and information the people in these roles need to be successful. For instance, to find the right AI solution the person would need to know what potential AI solutions are out there now.

Below an outline of the different roles and how this platform can help them. Free sample role descriptions can be found on this site as well.

Organizational AI Framework

Organizational AI’s continuously growing database of available AI Solutions can be searched and filtered based on function and/or industry (see the table below). This allows staff to easily find suitable and available AI Solutions to can help them to become more effective, more efficient or allow them to develop new value propositions.

Customer SupportAgriculture
Finance, Credit, Risk ManagementBanking & Financial Services
Government AffairsEnergy, Oil & Gas and Chemicals
Health, Safety and SecurityEngineering and Construction
Human Resources (HR)Government & Public Services
Information Technology (IT)Healthcare & Life Sciences
MarketingLegal Services
Project ManagementMedia & Entertainment
Public Relations & Ext. CommsMining
Research & DevelopmentRetail
Real Estate and Facility  MgtTrading
SalesTransportation & Logistics