The future

Over the next decade Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to be a potential disruptor to the way we work.

AI will enable organizations to work more effectively, more efficiently or even create new value propositions for its customers and stakeholders. On the other hand, AI will also bring new risks and pressures that companies will need to anticipate and manage properly.


The problem

Most organizations find it difficult to grasp what AI is, what it can do for them and especially what they can do to explore its potential further.

While interest in AI is significantly increasing it is difficult for many companies to start exploring AI further. Companies don’t want to waste their time and resources and need a simple but effective platform that helps them explore what Artificial Intelligence can offer and what AI solutions there are readily available.


The solution

This new platform, called “Organizational AI”, can help them.

Organizational AI enables any organization or company to start exploring AI. The platform provides:

  • guidance to, and examples of, what capabilities the organization should create,
  • easily amendable and simple role descriptions,
  • links to quality (non-technical) AI sources,
  • access to a growing database of available AI Solutions – filterable and sortable by function or by industry, allowing staff to easily find suitable and available AI Solutions,
  • and more.